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They say you can tell a lot by the shirt a man wears on his back. So why not wear it loud? And sport the most awesomest shirt in the Universe! The “MERICA” Right to Bear Arms Shirt says it all! This shirt is not for the meek or gentle, this shirt is for the bold and the brave! Because it’s not just a Bear Arms Shirt, It’s a RIGHT to make a statement in the most epic and fun way possible. You, and the public at large will be impressed with the high quality life like bear fur. This Fur not only resembles the awesomeness of Bear Arms, but is ridiculously smooth to touch. Wear this Bear Arms Shirt out for a night on the town and you will be amazed at the attention you will receive from the ladies. The high grade faux fur bear arms are surge stitched into a 100% cotton black shirt. The Bear Arms have a soft breathable inner lining on the sleeve to offer maximum comfort and durability. You will love this shirt more than any other you own, guaranteed.

Please use caution when washing. We recommend you dry clean your Bear Arms Shirt, but you can machine wash on gentle cycle if necessary. Just make sure you HANG DRY your Bear Arms Shirt and do NOT put it in the dryer. This will destroy the awesomeness of your Bear Arms Sleeves. Make your Forefathers proud and show your patriotism and love of the 2nd Amendment with a “MERICA” Right to Bear Arms Shirt.



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