Bear Arms Shirt | Frequently Asked Questions


What the hell is a Bear Arms Shirt?...
- Dude, if you have to ask, you shouldn’t be here.

I was partying too hard and spilt my tasty beverage along with some other unknown substances on my bear arms. Can I wash my Bear Arms Shirt in the Washing Machine?...
- I’m sorry for your excess, but please be careful washing your Bear Arms Shirt in the washing machine.  You especially don’t want to put it in the dryer! This will destroy the awesomeness that is your Bear Arms Shirt.  Try to Dry Clean ONLY, but if necessary, you can wash your Bear Arms Shirt on gentle cycle, but you need to HANG DRY it just like your forefathers used to.

Is this made of real Bear fur?...
- Ha!  You’re cute….  but no.  The Bear Arms Shirt is made of something called “faux” fur.  This is imitation fur to resemble the awesomeness of real bear fur.

Is there a size chart for the Bear Arms Shirts?...
- Why yes there is. Visit for all the details. If you still need help finding the perfect size, please email us at with your height & weight and we can pair you up with the bestest size possible.

Can I customize my own Bear Arms Shirt Design?...
- Why yes you can.  There is a setup charge and a minimum order of 24 shirts. Please email us directly at for details and pricing.  Keep in mind, we won’t print anything defamatory or graphic. Keep it classy folks.

How do I track the status of my order?...

- Awesome! You are obviously stoked to get your order.  Just email us at with your name and order# to get an
update on where the Pony Express (USPS) is with your order.

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